Alberta Porcelain Artists Calgary
Calgary, AB
Glenda Lenz, President  403-274-0999 

IMAGINE... Porcelain as your Canvas!

Alberta Porcelain Artists Calgary (APAC) is a non-profit organization created in 1976 to promote porcelain art for everyone to enjoy. We offer artists an opportunity to meet, learn, teach and enjoy this very distinctive art form. APAC meets monthly from September until June at the West Hillhurst Community Association, 1940 – 6th Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0W3 (see our calendar for meeting information).

We welcome new members and are pleased to have anyone interested in the art of porcelain painting to attend our meetings. Our teachers will help you discover your passion.

APAC is affiliated with the national organization, Porcelain Artists of Canada (PAC). PAC produces quarterly magazines showcasing art from Canada and around the world. It hosts an annual Canadian School each June to teach and promote porcelain art.

We are thrilled to partner with the University of Calgary Department of Art and Art History to present Imagine Porcelain as Your Canvas - creations through fire.



APAC is proud to have Equilibrium School as a patron. An educational centre that promotes global education and intercultural understanding through the interaction of diverse groups of people of all ages, Equilibrium is a non-profit institution that has been serving our community since 1993.

APAC's first project for Equilibrium (in 2020-21) was designing and hand-painting 200 coasters which they gifted to their students and supporters.

Our second project is hand-painting mugs to coordinate with the coasters.


Why Join APAC?

Do you need a reason to paint or to join us? Our outcomes are wonderful and exciting. Pick one, two or more that resonate for you...

  • Physical Well-being: exercise mental activity, sensory perception, motor skills and coordination
  • Mental Well-being: challenge your intellect. Solve problems. Exercise powers of logical thinking. Stimulate your imagination. Develop and sharpen mental skills. Increase vocabulary. Improve communication. Heighten visual perception
  • Emotional Well-being: promote a positive self-image. Develop a positive attitude and a sense of security. Learn about yourself, learn to reveal yourself to others comfortably. Widen your range of tastes and interests
  • Social Involvement: increase your awareness of others and make new friends. Reach beyond yourself to see how others live and love. Broaden your horizons and experience personal growth.
  • Spiritual Well-being: Refresh your spirit and have an uplifting experience through the act of creating. Use your ability and power to create a painting and to affect the viewer. Achieve fulfillment in self-expression. Love and share and laugh with others who have a common interest.

~ adapted from The China Decorator Vol 33 No 10 October 1988

Membership is $25/year. .


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