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Calgary, AB
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Dandelion Dreams Porcelain Art

Thank you for everyone who supported me at the 2022 Calgary Stampede Western Showcase People's Choice.  I am very honoured to have placed third in the Fairy Tales category.  This is my depiction of "Haku" - a river dragon found in the anime movie, "Spirited Away".  

I was introduced to Porcelain Art by my mother, who painted for over 40 years.  I started painting with the Alberta Porcelain Artists, Calgary, in September 2016.  While I have always had the utmost appreciation and wonderment of this art form, I never believed how much I would come to love being a part of this amazing world of Porcelain Art.  I have found I especially love painting birds and animals and have many ideas to explore for abstract, modern styles of painting.







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