Alberta Porcelain Artists Calgary
Calgary, AB
Glenda Lenz, President  403-274-0999 
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APAC meeting
Location:West Hillhurst Community Association
1940 – 6 Avenue N.W., Calgary

Show and tell: Christmas
No demo

This will be a Christmas party. Linda will bring hot food paid from the group fund - please let her know if you are coming so adequate amounts can be available. If you wish to bring something for dessert or snack, please do.

Challenge: What is the most unusual thing you have painted and why? Come with answers for discussion!

Annual elections for 2024-25 executive

2024 Membership fees are due by the end of 2023:

  • $25 for APAC
  • $50 for PAC if you wish to join. PAC dues can be paid to APAC and will be forwarded as a group.
  • if you want your own page on the APAC website, please add $15


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